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RantoPad Super C4
13,00 €

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Our Cyberskatez finally offers what a pro-gamer need's:

  • life time warranty against any wear and tear!
  • optimum sliding ability!
  • very high mechanical resistance!
  • optimized against dirt accumulation!
  • constant performance! (no saw-blade-effect!)
  • made from 99,7% aluminium oxide ceramic!
  • precise fit for Logitech® MX™ 500, 510, 518, 700 and 900
  • useable on other optical Mice
  • suitable for plastic and textile mouse pads!
  • with special cleaning tissue for removal of old glue remains
  • for easy handling pre assembled on a carrier foil
  • payable via PayPal or bank transfer
  • Cyberskatez® are Hi-Tech „Made in Germany“
  • Fast and cost-effective delivery via letter from only 0,60 € !

Logitech MX510 klein